The Constitution of the Iranian Association at the University of Toronto (IAUT) was updated on May 5, 2004 (last revised on July 20, 2009).  

Article One – Introduction  

1. The name of the group shall be the Iranian Association at the University ofToronto (IAUT)

2. IAUT is an independent cultural, academic and social organization that seeks topromote activities relating to Iran and Iranians at the University of Toronto (U ofT) and the general community.

3. IAUT shall be non-partisan and will not advocate or promote the interest of anyone political party, group or individual. 

4. IAUT shall be non-religious and will not advocate or promote any religion and/orreligious group. 

5. IAUT shall be non-profit and will not be a medium for personal monetary profitfrom any activities. 


Article Two – Objectives  

1. Preservation and promulgation of Iranian cultural and intellectual heritage at theUniversity of Toronto as well as outside the University community.

2. Providing an appropriate channel for communication and dialogue for the Iraniancommunity.

3. To promote interaction amongst members within the context of the universitycommunity. 

4. To aid and provide academic assistance to members. 

5. To actively work with other organizations to meet objectives 1-4. 


Article – Three Membership  

1. Membership shall be divided into two categories: Associate and Adjunct.

2. Associate membership is open equally to all University of Toronto communitymembers, including students, staff, faculty, and alumni, as defined by theregulations of the University of Toronto.

3. All associate members have the ability to vote on the matters that pertain to thegroup, to nominate, run, and vote in the executive elections, as well as to proposeand vote on constitutional amendments. 

4. Adjunct membership is open to all. Adjunct members do not enjoy theaforementioned rights of the Associate members, namely, to nominate and vote inthe executive elections and to vote on constitutional amendments. 

5. Membership will be granted with a membership fee that is determined by theBoard of Directors (BoD). 

6. All IAUT members will have the freedom of speech, belief, expression, thoughtand creed. 

7. IAUT will not tolerate any acts of discrimination against sex, race, religion orsexual orientation. Furthermore, IAUT will abide by the Ontario Human RightsCode.


Article Four – IAUT Administrative Structure  

1. The BoD will consist of five members: 

i. Chairperson 

ii. Secretary 

iii. Treasurer 

iv. Spokesperson 

v. Contact person 

2. There will also be four sub committees of three persons each (two elected and oneappointed): Academic, Cultural, Social and Community Outreach. 


Article Five – The Duties of the Board of Directors 

1. Chairperson 

i. To chair all Executive and General Meetings. 

ii. To act as a Signing officer. 

iii. To prepare an annual written report of the activities of IAUT. 

iv. To supervise financial transactions 

3. Secretary 

i. To set time and prepare agenda for all BoD and General meetings. 

ii. To record the minutes of all Executive and General meetings. 

iii. To maintain records of members and events. 

iv. To assume duties of Chairperson in his/her absence. 

4. Treasurer 

i. To supervise and handle all financial transactions. 

ii. To maintain a record of all IAUT transactions and proper financialrecords. 

iii. To prepare a budget at the beginning of each session. 

iv. To act as a Signing Officer. 

5. Spokesperson 

i. To act as the public representative of IAUT 

ii. To send out official notices of IAUT events 

iii. To respond to communications 

6. Contact Person 

i. To act as official contact with the University administration 

ii. To book space for IAUT events or members at the BoD s discretion. 


Article Six – Election of the Board of Directors  

1. All IAUT BoD members must be members of the University of Torontocommunity as defined by University regulations. 

2. The BoD shall be elected prior to May 15th. 

3. There shall be no voting by proxy. 

4. The five candidates with the highest number of votes will form the new BoD. 

5. The BoD will hold office for one term which will begin on June 1st and end May30th the following year. 


Article Seven – Election of the Sub-Committees 

1. All Sub-Committee members must be IAUT members, Associate or Adjunct. 

2. They shall be elected at the same time as the BoD 

3. The two candidates with the highest number of votes will become members of therespective sub-committee. A third member will be appointed by the newAdministrative body on the previous one s recommendation. 

4. From each Sub-Committee the candidate with the highest number of votes will actas an advisor from that Sub-Committee to the BoD. 

5. Points 3 and 5 of Article Six apply. 


Article Eight – Resignation or Removal of Board Directors and Sub-CommitteeMembers  

1. If for any given reason, a Director is unable to continue to perform his/her dutiesbefore the completion of his/her term, he/she must present a formal letter ofresignation. The BoD will present the letter to all members, no later than oneweek after the resignation. 

2. If the BoD determines that a Director has failed to complete his/her duties as perArticle Five or displays a behaviour that is disruptive to the functioning of theorganization, then by a seventy-five percent (75%) majority vote, the BoD maymake a recommendation to the Associate Members to remove the aforesaidDirector from the BoD. The Associate Members, by a two-thirds majority vote ofthe impeachment attendees, may then remove the said Director from the BoD.The Director in question has the right to provide a defense and appeal anydecision to the Associate members of IAUT. 

3. In the event of a resignation, an Associate member will be nominated by the BoDto replace the former Director until the next meeting of the General Assembly.The nominated director should be ratified by the majority vote of the Associatemembers. 


Article Nine – Board of Directors Meetings 

1. The BoD will meet on a regular basis. 

2. A meeting will be deemed official if a minimum of six Directors are present. 

3. Decisions will be subject to majority vote. 

4. The minutes of every official meeting will be recorded and kept in the IAUTarchives for a minimum of four years. 


Article Ten – General Meetings  

1. A minimum of two general meetings will be held. 

2. A general meeting will be held under the following conditions:i. If not held for at least six monthsii. At the request of twenty percent (20%) of the members.iii. At the discretion of the BoD. 

3. General meetings will be considered official when no less than fifty percent of theAssociate members are present. 

4. In and official General Meeting the members have the power to approve ordisapprove any decision made by the BoD by a two-thirds majority vote. 


Article Eleven – Finances 

1. All financial transactions must be accurately recorded and be made available toany member. 

2. A report of all financial transactions, prepared by the Treasurer is to be transferredto the newly elected BoD prior to the beginning of the BoD s term. 

3. A net amount of no less than $500.00 must remain in the account for the nextBoD. 

4. Withdrawals of over $500.00 must be approved by majority vote of BoD. 

5. No BoD or Sub-Committee member may derive financial gain directly throughIAUT activities. 


Article Twelve – Records  

1. All records pertaining to membership must be held confidential under thesupervision of the BoD. They shall be accessible only to members of the BoD orto any individual directly concerned with such records. 

2. Minutes of all BoD meetings, general meetings and sub-committee meetings aswell as all materials relating to the preparation of budgets and the receipt ordisbursement of funds shall be kept for a period of not less than four years. 

3. All records must be stored in hard copy forms. 


Article Thirteen – Constitutional Amendments 

1. Amendment of the Constitution may occur only by a two-thirds majority vote at a general meeting in which at least half of the members are present, only on thecondition that the motion for amendment is presented in writing and distributed atleast one month in advance. 

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