Dance of Torn papers

Date:30 Oct, 2018

Dance of Torn papers

Dance of Torn Papers
Playwright: Mohammad Yaghoubi
Directed by: Aida Keykhaii & Mohammad Yaghoubi
Translated by: Nazanin Malekan and Hasti Havari
Edited by: Sarah Marchand
Stage Manager: Armon Ghaeinizadeh
lighting Designer: Chin Palipane
Director Assistant: Mahsa Ershadifar
Produced with the support of Ontario Arts Council and the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council
October 30-November 4

کمپانی تئاتر این‌روزها نمایش‌نامه‌ی رقص کاغذپاره‌ها نوشته محمد یعقوبی و کارگردانی مشترک آیدا کیخایی و محمد یعقوبی رابه دو زبان فارسی و انگلیسی به مدت یک هفته از پایان ماه اکتبر تا چهارم نوامبر در تورنتو به روی صحنه می‌برد. شایان ذکر است اجرای فارسی این نمایش با هم‌کاری کانون ایرانیان دانش‌گاه تورنتو به روی صحنه می‌رود


NOWADAYS THEATRE present English premiere of “Dance of Torn Papers” with diverse artists.
“Dance of Torn Papers” is a meta-theatrical episodic play, including 10 short plays that mix realism and surrealism. Each of the episodes takes place in the same hotel room, but revolves around a different relationship: a husband and wife on the edge of separation, a couple working through the consequences of a tragic accident, two brothers with different feelings about their familial obligations, etc. Thematically, the play centers on stories of trust, loss, responsibility, and fear, which resonate amongst people of all ages, creeds, races and religions.
“Dance of Torn Papers” is one of the most recognized plays in Iran. It was named “Best Play” by the National Critics Association of Iran (1999) and received awards for “Best Direction” and “Best Play” at the 17th Fajr International Theatre Festival.
This project has been made possible through the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council, and the Ontario Arts Council.
Featuring (in alphabetical order): Tina Bararian, Faraz Farsijani, Sarah Marchand, Nicholas Koy Santillo, Jonathan Shabboo, Rouvan Silogix, Banafsheh Taherian, and Annie Yao.

بازی‌گران اجرا به زبان فارسی(به ترتیب الف‌با):‌ صدف آغولیان، مه‌سا ارشادی‌فر‌، پویه جلالی‌پور، فرید حسینی، اویان سلحشور، علی علوی، فراز فارسیجانی، مولود گلاب، مونا معتقد، مه‌تا مولاطلب، فرزاد نظری‌‌مقدم، ساناز وحدت

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