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Board of Directors Candidate

Hello! My name is Arman Arya, a third-year nuclear medicine student. I am running for the board of directors of Iranian Association at the University of Toronto. I see the position as an excellent way to be a part of a team that is involved not only in the current student’s lives, but also the bigger picture of providing a better place for future students. I aim to actively contribute to the ongoing improvement of our Association and our community and its many facets. During the past two years, I had the pleasure of being part of IAUT and represent Iranian community. I have been involved in organizing multiple events such as world cup 2018 screening, game night and Yalda night. I am also honoured to work as president of multiple cultural association and other clubs such as Blu Matter Project, at the university of Toronto, which has given me a great opportunity to learn skills and obtain first- hand experience in team working and acting as an advocate for student matter. If elected I would make it my goal to get more students involved in what goes on at our university and community and enhance both, students’ academic and social life by holding multiple events such as academic seminars, career fair exclusive for Iranian students. I would appreciate your vote for me, Arman Arya, to serve of Iranian Association at the University of Toronto.

I’m Negar Dehghan. I finished my third year of undergraduate in life sciences, majoring in nutritional sciences and health & disease. i’m running for a position in board of directors because I believe that i have what it takes. I am very reliable and work well in collaboration with large groups. I had the courtesy of being in the board of directors of IAUT this year. I believe that I was able to fulfill my position completely and even organized some events such as medical school seminar and the FIFA world cup events and even helped with a lot of them such as yalda night, norooz persian karaoke, wonderland, game nights, and many more. With a year of experience in IAUT, I know that I am ready to expand my work and help even further this year. One of my major goals coming into this is reaching out to Iranian students of uoft even more now than ever, since out platform has been increasing over the years. I will bring more social events to IAUT, as a way for us students to relax through out the year besides all of the academic stress. I hope you can all see how much i can bring to the table as a member of BOD. Having this opportunity would mean so much to me, as I love to contribute to the persian community, specially within uoft, and there wouldnt be a better way than contirbuting to IAUT.

I'm a second year Electrical and Computer Engineering student at UofT, St. George campus

Milad is a second year phd student at ECE department of University of Toronto. He is currently an Executive member of IAUT. Previously he served as a treasurer and vice president of IEEE at IUT.

Eversince high-school, I've always loved working in student-led organizations and events, especially those that engaged the community. I was a very active member of the Iranian Club at my high school, starting from helping with decorations, food, and set up (in 9th grade), all the way to when I was appointed as the Head of the Iranian Club at my school (in 12th grade). I was responsible of managing the specific jobs of the members, organizing sponsors, and choreographing the Persian dance performance. Aside from the Iranian Club, I was selected as the Head of the Lowerschool department in our Student Life Organization. I lead a team of around 300 students, creating events, campaigns, study sessions, and afterschool fun days for the primary students. Ive always been inspired to bring Persians together through cultural and social events; and that is what I aspire to do as a member of the board of directors in IAUT! My top-priority goals include events and ice breakers for first year students and other undergraduates in order to introduce and familiarize them with IAUT. Furthermore, I have always striven to engage as many volunteers and students as possible in the different organizations that I have led, and I intend to do the same here at IAUT. By allowing every member to be able to use their passion, creativity and skills to improve the Persian community at UofT, we would not only get many new ideas of creative events that would engage as many students as possible, but we would also have succeeded in allowing the students to grow upto their potential in this organization.

Hello everyone, My name is Amin Yarmand and I am running to be on the board of directors of IAUT. I am a first-year PhD student in the department of Molecular Genetics working on developing new models to study brain cancer. I recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver where I did my undergraduate studies in Microbiology, Immunology, and Philosophy at UBC. Throughout the years, I have always been interested in working with the Iranian community in Canada. On one such occasion, as a Youth Ambassador, I provided support and mentorship for a newly immigrated Iranian family and facilitated their transition into Canada. As a member of the board of directors, I plan to initiate projects that can reach a wide body of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in topics about Iran. To achieve this, I aim to spearhead a series of lectures by bringing in Iranian scholars and experts to the university. These lectures are envisioned to span over an array of topics from environmental policy to feminism to contemporary Iranian art. I firmly believe that holding these sessions not only brings Iranian students from various disciplines together, but it also provides an opportunity to entice interest in many Iranian-Canadians who might not have familiarity with these topics. As an instance of such endeavors, I have recently worked with the IAUT team to bring Dr. Kaveh Madani to U of T in a unique opportunity to deliver the latest in water management and policy in Iran. After tireless communications, promotions, and collaborations, we have been successful in gathering many Iranians over the shared interest in knowing about the continuous water crisis in Iran. Events like this are on the top of my agenda. Given my experience in liaising scholars and organizers and my forever interest in bringing people to learn more about Iran, I believe that I am an excellent candidate for this position at IAUT. I appreciate your consideration to vote, Best regards, Amin Yarmand


Executive Committee Candidates

I am a third year undergraduate student, studying Life Sciences at University of Toronto. Being a member of this association requires dedication, leadership skills and most importantly passion. I plan to focus on engaging more Iranian students to these planned exciting events and to recruit more volunteers. I have previously volunteered for various multicultural events and also worked as a web developer in my first year which taught me the value of team work.

I obtained my Ph.D. in 2017 in ECE. I served as the President and Treasurer of IAUT during the 2016-2017 period and helped with FB advertisement and AGM organization during 2017-2018. Would be happy to serve as a member of EC this year.

I have recently finished H. B.Sc. in Pharmacology and Toxicology at UofT. I plan to start my master's program this fall in the same field. I have been vice-president of pharmacology and toxicology student association (PTSA) for two years. In my position at PTSA, I have run a successful mentorship programming by matching 3rd and 4th year to 2nd-year students in the department. I have also held other leadership position at Toastmasters club as the VP of education to help students in their public speaking journey. I have valued community work all throughout my journey at university and volunteered in organizations such as a local hospital and a senior home. I am a fitness enthusiast and am currently coaching at a local club in Markham, Fightfitness. I have a year of internship experience at a pharmaceutical company, Sanofi during my PEY in 4th year. I have always build my experience at school around academic and social activities that help me grow as a person while I am in the act of service to my community. I am stepping forward and running to be a member of the executive committee.

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